Charters, Guides and Outfitters: Martha’s Vineyard and Beyond with Kismet Outfitters

Abbie Schuster, the owner of Kismet Outfitters, is a pretty down to earth fishing guide. Her company is named such because she believes that fly fishing is her destiny and her love for it has extended throughout her entire life. Over a brief phone interview earlier this week, this year-round fishing guide spoke with Reelerz  about the lessons she offers and travel trips she hosts in both freshwater and saltwater. A boon, she says, that a lot of guide companies don’t offer.

She grew up in New England, fishing the Long Island Sound, Martha’s Vineyard, Farmington River in Connecticut, really everywhere throughout New England. After graduating from the University of Montana, her degree in Environmental Studies colored her worldview on the impact that fish, and the ones trying to catch them, have on their surrounding ecologies. She went on to complete the Sweetwater Guide School and jumped immediately into guiding in Montana.

As a reeler since childhood, she wants to get more women and families involved with the fishing world through Kismet. She runs her two-year-old company entirely by herself, occasionally hiring a captain for her boating expeditions and working with other guides here and there. She runs a 23-foot Parker Boat which is great for the flats throughout Martha’s Vineyard while also being big enough to handle larger waters. She focuses on making sure her clients leave with some sort of new knowledge and passion for the sport. Some of her clients have been fishing longer than she’s been alive, but there’s always something to learn.

Within Kismet, Abbie offers a non-threatening, non-judgmental community so as not to intimidate newbies but instead offer them a safe space to learn. She tries hard to make sure that her company is eco-conscious and catch and release since “if we all claim to love fishing so much, we should definitely try and protect them.”

Abbie Schuster, owner of Kismet Outdoors, in action off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

This fall, Abbie has been enjoying one of the more New England-esque traditions that Martha’s Vineyard hosts, the Bonito Run. According to Abbie, the entire town changes as “Martha’s Vineyard is such a small place with a big fishing community that [bonito and albies] are like the ‘awaited fish.’” They mean that the fall fishing is coming providing a buzz since they’re only here from early September to early October and then they’re gone again. Another celebration that Martha’s Vineyard hosts is The Derby, which is a fishing tournament that just hosted its 72nd year. Abbie hosts a women’s event for that and had 22 women come this year, some of whom had never fished before.

Through Kismet, Abbie also runs guided trips around the world and is currently booking upcoming tours to Andros Island in the Bahamas in March and Montana in April. With winter approaching, her busy season is coming to an end but she also appreciates winter which allows her to catch up on normal life and the things she can’t do when she’s full time guiding during the summer. Catch her on Instagram or Facebook and check out the lodges she works with below.



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